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Hodges University
Do you want to study in the United States?

Qualified graduates of our English for University program automatically meet the English language entry requirements for Hodges University.  Hodges University requires specific language proficiency for enrollment – we help you achieve this goal!

Hodges University is a SACS accredited degree granting institution located in Florida, U.S.A.

Check out our partner Hodges here:

Do you want earn a U.S. degree while living outside the U.S.A? – Contact us to find out how!

HTMi – Hotel and Tourism Management Institute – Switzerland

 Would you like to earn a degree and have employment in your field at the same time? 

 Qualified graduates of our
English for University program enjoy preferred enrollment status with HTMi. 

 HTMi is a leading hospitality management institution based in Switzerland: 

Contact us today and find out how you may qualify!