Young Actors Workshop- This active workshop for ages 11-18 will cover speaking clearly and other conversational skills in the context of theatre. Students will improve their language skills while learning about acting, literature, and stagecraft. Each two week program meets Monday through Friday for a half a day and is conducted in English by theatre professionals.
Workshop dates: July 6th - 17th; July 20th - 31st; August 3rd - 14th

Visual Communication- Creative design has changed the way we communicate. In the modern world we are exposed to images that fill our daily lives. Those images are now the primary method used to transmit information. Students will learn the basics of design as well as camera and photography techniques. All participants will engage in a photojournalism assignment that will document the everyday lives of students.

Culture and Language- The power of language to reflect culture and influence the way we think was first proposed by the American linguist Edward Sapir. His early work in the field of culture and language inspired such greats as the writer George Orwell and the meta-linguist Noam Chomsky. This course on culture and language examines how we learn new skills and the verbal and non-verbal communications used in teaching and learning, how language impacts on our thought patterns, and how we acquire a second language.

Media and Technology- This course begins with a history of broadcasting from the early days of radio to the modern era of digital satellite technology. The world's technological capacity to receive information through one-way broadcast networks more than quadrupled during the two decades from 1986 to 2007, and this course examines the rise and rise of digital broadcasting and its impact on news gathering and propagation. Students will study main-stream and non-mainstream forms of media and the growing role of bloggers in disseminating key information.

"My English classes are amazing. I get to meet people from different countries and I have a network of new friends that I never thought possible. It is great that everyone is included and that the students encourage each other to perform well. I love it." - Agata 

Course Descriptions

English for University- Are you ready to take your English language proficiency to the next level?  This is an academic communication course for advanced ESL students preparing to enter an American university. It is intended for students who are preparing for the IELTS or TOEFL tests and those who would like more preparation for activities such as writing essays, making oral presentations, having debates, and participation in unstructured, in-class discussions.   With this course, students can boost their chance of success through TOEFL and IELTS preparation. The academic communications course enhances knowledge of English for activities such as essay writing, debating, oral presentations, and general university life. The course allows students to develop a greater understanding of English through informal communication, English language cinema, and structured and unstructured in-class conversations on topics that our students enjoy. 15 week session - U.S. $2,800

English for Leadership- Are you ready to advance your career?  This course is for managers and executives seeking language instruction for international business. With an emphasis on Leadership, you will come away with a skill set for effective communication.  

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