"I lose my inhibitions in the classroom because we always discuss interesting topics. I learn lots of new vocabulary, but it doesn't seem like hard work because the lessons are full of joy!Marketa

"The instructor was very good and very entertaining.  Everyone looked forward to the class and  we learned as we laughed.  I will certainly join another class." - Alexander

GLS, LLC has opened its newest learning center GLS Campus Europe to provide ESL courses combined with experiential learning.  This is a unique offering and is differentiated from current and standard ESL offerings in Prague and in the European Union.   Click here to check out our courses

Our offering is unique as we combine classroom language instruction with project based experiential learning in and around Prague and the Czech Republic. This provides the learner a structured classroom environment combined with practical experiential learning with cultural enrichment. 

In addition to ESL, enrichment course offerings such as Visual Communication, Culture & Language, and Media & Technology are examples which are under development. 

The intended outcome is proficiency in English with ability to pass the TOEFL as well as intercultural and international awareness. 

Furthermore, we provide opportunities for the cohorts of learners to engage each other through extracurricular activities such as sports, dinners, concerts and social events such as film night. Classes are carefully designed by subject matter experts and taught by native English speakers.  All activities require use of English as the primary language, and provide a ready environment for students to demonstrate and recognize their developing communication skills.

There has never been more opportunity

GLS - Campus Europe