"I'm surprised how relaxing it is to learn in this special environment. I used to be stressed when I was in an English lesson, but now I feel that I'm learning among new friends."  -  Jan

"The classes were the best ever. My Teacher was like a big sister, an advisor, and a good friend all rolled into one. I even got advice on how to find scholarships for university studies." - Ilyana 

"My  teacher  was  really  wonderfulHe  was  really  patient  with  the  whole  class.  I  feel  that  learned  a  lot  and  I  got  involved  in  all  of  the  class  discussion. "  -  Dmitry




Outstanding English language proficiency enabling success at university and in business.  Our offerings provide our students a solid foundation for academic and professional growth at the next level.






Small classes with caring professors open the world to you, ESL and Enrichment courses provide a unique and practical learning environment - classroom and active experiential learning.

“Back  in  Samarkand  I  was  a  little  bit  afraid  in  my  English  classes,  but  my  teacher  in  Prague  is  brilliant  and  I  enjoy  the  classes.  I  have  improved  my  English  skills  very  much”  -  Timur

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Prague is your campus!  The cultural and business hub of Central Europe, Prague provides unprecedented learning and cultural opportunities. Structured curricular and extra-curricular activities facilitate cultural and international awareness.